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eSourcing Capability Models provide best practices frameworks for managing sourcing and delivery of sourced services.

Organizations are increasingly delegating IT-intensive business activities to external service providers, captive offshore units, or internal shared service centers. The eSourcing Capability Models were developed to provide guidance to both clients and service providers in these eSourcing relationships.

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eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers v2
A "best practices" model for service providers in IT-enabled sourcing that can be used as both an improvement roadmap and as a certification standard.
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eSourcing Capability Model
for Client Organizations v1.1
A complementary 'best practices' model for client organizations seeking to improve their sourcing capabilities and relationships.
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eSCM-SP Model eSCM-CL Model

ITSqc, LLC, the spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University created to promote best practice models for the global IT-enabled services industry, was founded to extend the impact of the eSourcing Capability Models (eSCM-SP for service providers and eSCM-CL for client organizations). The eSourcing Capability Models were originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University with participation from leading provider, client, and advisory organizations. ITSqc, LLC, provides support for these Models, by training professionals about the Models, the eSCM-based methods for determining organizational capabilities, and related professional education programs. ITSqc, LLC, is working with Strategic Partners and Authorized Organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.

eSourcing Capability Models

Organizations are increasingly delegating IT-intensive business activities to service providers, taking advantage of new capabilities in the global telecommunications infrastructure. Service providers range from in-house units to shared service centers to captive offshore units to external service providers. Business processes being delegated range from in-sourced shared services to outsourced routine and non-critical tasks, as well as outsourced strategic processes that directly impact revenues. Managing and meeting client expectations and providing effective governance of these relationships are major challenges in these business relationships. The eSourcing Capability Models are "best practices" capability models supported by a set of qualification methods to improve sourcing relationships in the Internet-enabled economy. The eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP) and the eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations (eSCM-CL) are complementary models addressing both sides of these relationships.

ITSqc Strategic Partners

ITSqc Strategic Partners includes organizations involved in the growth and development of this fast-growing sourcing and service management segments of the global economy who demonstrate their commitment to best practices and excellence in sourcing. ITSqc Strategic Partners are a broad group of organizations interested in ITSqc's work who wish to benefit from or contribute to the ITSqc’s ongoing research, professional education and outreach programs.


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Latest News

ITSqc, LLC News
July 19, 2019

ITSqc, LLC, to cease operations November 1, 2019.

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New ITSqc Overview Briefing Released
August 15, 2014

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In Memory of Dr. Jane Siegel
July 21, 2014

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eSCM Initiative in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
January 15, 2012

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and PROEXPORT COLOMBIA fund ITSqc initiative for eSCM Adoption in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

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International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

IAOP Announces Endorsement of
eSCM Capability Determinations as IAOP's Organizational Certification

February 21, 2011

IAOP and ITSqc are pleased to announce IAOP’s support for eSCM-based organizational certification and the endorsement of the eSCM models by the Outsourcing Standards Board.

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July 19, 2019


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