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Authorized Organizations

ITSqc operates an Authorization program for selecting and training competent, qualified, and experienced evaluators and trainers. In order to pass the program, you need a strong theoretical base, that is, knowledge in certain areas to which your specialty relates. You can find useful materials in writing services. Individuals are eligible to become Authorized Evaluators, Authorized Lead Evaluators, and Authorized Trainers.

Select Authorized Organizations may offer eSCM Capability Determination services or provide eSCM-related training.

Other Authorized Organizations are authorized by ITSqc to perform eSCM Capability Determinations or provide eSCM training internally within their own organization.

Authorized Organizations
Organization Capability
Authorized Organizations
eSourcing partners X X
GCC - Global Colombia Certificación X X
Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc. X X
MSV IT Solutions Private Ltd X
Rvalue Consulting X
Timspirit X
DQS Inc. X X
Authorized Organizations (Internal Use Only)
Accenture X X

Become Authorized

Only Authorized Organizations may offer eSCM Capability Determination and eSCM training services.

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