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DQS Inc.

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DQS Inc. was formed as a strategic partnership between Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and DQS (Germany’s first certification body). As a result of this merger, DQS Inc. is able to provide global resources and highly skilled, local auditors. DQS Inc. has more than 2,500 leading industry experts with the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Lead Evaluators
Authorized Lead Evaluator Date Models
Subrata Guha March, 2005 eSCM-SP
Murugan K August, 2009 eSCM-SP

Authorized Evaluator Date Models
Abhijeet Chinchorkar March, 2005 eSCM-SP
Rajiv Desai August, 2009 eSCM-SP
Cid Ribiero October, 2006 eSCM-SP
George Verghese November, 2005 eSCM-SP

Authorized Trainer Date Models
Subrata Guha July, 2005 eSCM-SP

Qualified Consultant Date Models
Subrata Guha November, 2003 eSCM-SP

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Subrata Guha
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