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Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc.

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Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc. (ISD) is the premier, high value supplier of model based process improvement training, consulting, and appraisal services. ISD is a global suppler and has a subsidiary, ISD Brasil, headquartered in Sao Paulo.
ISD was founded in April 1994 as a spin-off from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. 2014 is a benchmark year for us! ISD is celebrating its 20th anniversary! ISD personnel were part of the original eSCM Advisory Board and helped support development of the eSCM model, method, and training in the early 2000ís.
Team with ISD to accelerate your process, performance, and multi-model improvement initiatives!
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Lead Evaluators
Authorized Lead Evaluator Date Models
Paul Byrnes November, 2004 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
Andre Mendes de Pinho November, 2006 eSCM-SP

Authorized Trainer Date Models
Paul Byrnes August, 2005 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
Qualified Consultant Date Models
Claudia Mendonca Camargo August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Arthur Maria Do Valle August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Ana Paula dos Santos Eugenia August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Ana Cristina Barbosa Faria August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Sheila Fucase August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Juliana Oliveira Martins August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Andre Mendes de Pinho August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Lucas Ricardo Mendes de Souza August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Luis Miguel Teixeira August, 2006 eSCM-SP

Contact Information

Paul D. Byrnes
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