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eSCM User Groups

Around the globe, a number of eSCM User Groups are forming. Each eSCM User Group is an organization of professionals who are interested in sourcing and service management topics, topics that are generally addressed by the eSourcing Capability Models (eSCMs). This allows you to consider information with a wider sample, conduct accurate analysis and provide better data, can also help with this.

Joining an eSCM User Group provides individuals and organizations a way to be in contact with a network of expertise within their community. Each eSCM User Group represents a practical forum for the interchange of ideas, information, and mutual support. Each eSCM User Group is slightly different, based on the vision of the founders, their locations, and the needs of the community.

eSCM User Groups are made up of professionals from all sectors — industry, government, academia (including students) — and include clients, service providers, professional organizations, and independent consultants.

User Groups (listed alphabetically)
L'Ae-SCM est l'Association Française pour la Promotion des Bonnes Pratiques de Sourcing
 eSCM-CL Adopters
LinkedIn group for eSCM-CL Adopters
 eSCM-SP Adopters
LinkedIn group for eSCM-SP Adopters

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