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ITSqc makes numerous presentations about the key sourcing issues

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Jeff Perdue
Director, ITSqc

Pittsburgh, PA , January 2, 2010 - Dr. Jane Siegel presented and chaired a panel about the "Benefits of eSCM-SP adoption and certification" at IAOP's 2009 Outsourcing World Summit in Carlsbad, California along with Amitabh Chaudhry of Infosys BPO and Dawn Jamison of Phoenix Health Systems.

Jeff Perdue presented "Best Practices in Contracting for Service Providers and Their Clients" at the
IACCM Americas 2009 Conference in Orlando, Florida and participated in an expert panel on
Contracting Excellence with representatives from BC Hydro, GM, IBM, and Shell Oil Company.

Dr. Bill Hefley made two presentations at the IAOP's 2009 European Summit, held at the Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 16. The first was as a panelist on "The New Face of Globalization" and the second was "Achieving Operational Excellence and Aligning Strategy: Benefits and Impacts of the eSourcing Capability Models." Also presenting with Dr. Hefley in the eSCM session was Mr. Sheshadri, Global Head Quality and Risk Management, Infosys BPO (India) and MMe. Marie-Noelle Gibon, Director of Innovation, La Poste (France). Infosys BPO is an eSCM Certified Service Provider and Ms. Gibon serves as President of the Ae-SCM, the French eSCM association.

Dr. Bill Hefley presented at the Global Sourcing Council's 2009 Sustainability in Global Sourcing Summit in New York City on June 3rd. He addressed the summit about "Social Responsibilty in Sourcing - The State of CSR in Sourcing". (more)

Dr. Bill Hefley delivered a keynote presentation at "Models of Intercultural Service Systems: Scholarly Discussion for Building a Research Agenda," sponsored by the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, May 19-22, 2009.

About ITSqc
ITSqc, LLC, is a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners that addresses the needs of IT-enabled service providers and their clients. To that end, ITSqc develops quality models and qualification methods for organizations involved in eSourcing. The eSourcing Capability Models were originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University with participation from leading provider, client, and advisory organizations. ITSqc, LLC, provides support for these Models, by training professionals about the Models, the eSCM-based methods for determining organizational capabilities, and related professional education programs. ITSqc, LLC, is working with strategic partners and Authorized Organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.