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Professional and Organizational Development: The Two Pillars of Outsourcing Success

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Bill Hefley, COP
Director, ITSqc

Palm Springs, CA , February 21, 2011 - As outsourcing, shared services and globalization increasingly become enablers of business growth and success, the question faced by most organizations today is: How can we best develop the needed capabilities to define, implement and manage this complex new global ecosystem?

IAOP and its partners certainly do not have all the answers quite yet — but we do know a few things:
  • Outsourcing is a complex undertaking that requires true professionals. In general, it takes five-plus years of experience and an ongoing exposure to the most recent developments for someone to be truly good at it.
  • These professionals need to be brought together into effective teams with responsibility for the end-to-end outsourcing process — strategy, design, implementation and management (or governance, as many call it).
  • These teams need to operate using a common playbook, a coordinated, standard sourcing process across the organization, perhaps centrally — in some form of Center of Excellence — and to be distributed out into the functional and operating units of the organization where the rubber meets the road.
  • These teams need to put in place and manage effective organizational processes that ensure consistent, repeatable, high quality results. These processes form the basis for the work itself and for connecting their work with that of other professionals across the organization.
  • Because itís hard to know what you donít know, benchmarking both professional skills and knowledge and organizational processes against rigorous industry standards is required.
  • That no one organization can on its own develop and deliver a single set of solutions that would meet the needs of todayís organizations across all of the functions, industries and geographies in which outsourcing is applied.
For these reasons, IAOP works with a wide range of partners to build an ever-evolving platform our members can count on to help them along this journey. This platform has two pillars: professional development and certification, and organizational development and certification.

Professional development and certification focuses on training and certification of individuals actively engaged in outsourcing. Training and certification through IAOP reflects the highest industry standards and achievement criteria, and are the de facto programs recognized by customers, providers and advisors of outsourcing services. IAOPís Outsourcing Professional Certification Framework (OPCF) is designed to address the needs of individuals who work across the global outsourcing industry from entry level positions focused on the delivery of outsourced services through to senior executives leading global outsourcing programs at customer, provider and advisor organizations. Hundreds of individuals worldwide have already earned the coveted Certified Outsourcing Professionalģ (COP) designation. IAOPís Outsourcing Standards Board, in conjunction with the Training & Certification Committee, have developed a process to bring an ever-expanding offering of certifications for professionals at every step along the career pathway. These certifications are supported by a wide variety of courses and learning opportunities.

Organizational development and certification focuses on developing the capability of the organizations involved in sourcing. The eSourcing Capability Models, a set of complementary best practice standards for both sides of sourcing relationships, include the eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP) and the eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations (eSCM-CL). The models are aligned with IAOPís Outsourcing Professionals Body of Knowledge (OPBOK). The models are being used globally to improve organizational performance, appraise organizational capability and certify the capability of organizations. Organizations may be certified based on their use of and adherence to the best practices.

ITSqc, LLC, the spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University created to promote best practice models for the global IT-enabled services industry, was founded to extend the impact of the eSourcing Capability Models. The eSourcing Capability Models were originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University with participation from leading provider, client and advisory organizations. ITSqc, LLC, provides support for these models by training professionals about the models, the eSCM-based methods for determining organizational capabilities and related professional education programs. ITSqc, LLC, is working with strategic partners and authorized organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.

IAOP and ITSqc are very proud of the relationship they have developed over the past few years and are dedicated to continuing to work together to integrate both professional and organizational training and certifications for the benefit of the entire industry and each of the companies we work with. IAOP and ITSqc are pleased to announce IAOPís support for eSCM-based organizational certification and the endorsement of the eSCM models by the Outsourcing Standards Board.

You are encouraged to contact either Pam O'Dell, IAOP Director, Corporate & Professional Development, at +1.845.452.0600 ext. 121, or by email at [email protected], or Bill Hefley, PhD, CDP, COP, Director, ITSqc at +1.412.436.5212, or by email at [email protected], to discuss how our programs focused on developing both individual and organizational capabilities can help improve your outsourcing outcomes. Additional details, including links to the OPBOK - eSCM mappings, are available here.

About ITSqc
ITSqc, LLC, is a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners that addresses the needs of IT-enabled service providers and their clients. To that end, ITSqc develops quality models and qualification methods for organizations involved in eSourcing. The eSourcing Capability Models were originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University with participation from leading provider, client, and advisory organizations. ITSqc, LLC, provides support for these Models, by training professionals about the Models, the eSCM-based methods for determining organizational capabilities, and related professional education programs. ITSqc, LLC, is working with strategic partners and Authorized Organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.

About IAOP
IAOP® is the global, standard-setting organization and advocate for the outsourcing profession. With a global community of more than 110,000 members and affiliates worldwide, IAOP is the leading professional association for organizations and individuals involved in transforming the world of business through outsourcing, offshoring, and shared services.

85% of IAOP members credit IAOP for improved outsourcing outcomes at their organizations and 93% of IAOPís COPs say that the designation has had a positive impact on their careers.

IAOP is supported by senior leaders around the world and their executives, managers and professionals who share the vision and expertise it takes to design, implement and manage their companyís global corporate ecosystem. For more information, see