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ITSqc, LLC Director Named Co-Chair of HICSS Minitrack

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Bill Hefley
Director, ITSqc

Pittsburgh, PA, March 4, 2014 -

eSourcing of business processes and software products and services


January 5-8, 2015
Grand Hyatt, Kauai

A minitrack in the Software Technology Track at the
Forty-Eighth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
January 5-8, 2015 (Monday through Thursday)
Grand Hyatt, Kauai, U.S.A.


Timo Käkölä and Bill Hefley, MiniTrack co-chairs


ICT-supported outsourcing (eSourcing) of business processes (BPO) and Information Technology – enabled services (ITES), including software products and services, continues to grow. For example, in 2012 the ITES-BPO industry of India employed almost 3 million people directly and almost 12 million in total. It accounts for almost one twelfth of the Gross Domestic Product of India.

During this millennium, extensive research has been conducted in international ITES-BPO eSourcing. Many important parts of the eSourcing body of knowledge are thus in a fairly mature stage. For example, the eSourcing life cycle (from initiating the eSourcing engagement between a customer and a provider through delivering and consuming the service to completing the engagement) and the component processes are well known from the viewpoints of both providers and customers. Numerous international and defacto standards have emerged in this area, including the eSourcing Capability Models, and ISO standards in development (ISO/IEC 30105 for ITES-BPO eSourcing and ISO 37500 for Outsourcing).

At the same time, the ITES-BPO eSourcing landscape is changing quickly. Traditionally, this has focused on transactional sourcing of relatively simple processes to reap cost savings. However, many providers and customers are increasingly enacting long-term partnerships to eSource complex vertical and horizontal functions serving multiple, often end-to-end business processes using sophisticated IT solutions. As a result, both more efficient and more flexible processes can be designed, aligned to the business strategy, and enacted to deliver improved products and services. Finally, the most sophisticated ITES-BPO providers can establish large multi-country, multi-business, multi-process eSourcing programs with their customers to deliver strategic, sustained business value while managing risks. Customers are demanding not only lower costs, but also increasing levels of innovation and accomplishment. Research is needed to ensure providers and customers can establish relationships and engagements that best meet their strategic needs and capabilities.

This minitrack is interested in contributions that help providers and customers to enhance their eSourcing maturity from simple cost-driven engagements to strategic partnerships bringing significant and sustained value. The minitrack welcomes, but is not limited to, contributions in the following areas:

  • The design, adaptation, implementation, and/or validation of process reference models for the eSourcing life-cycle
  • The design, adaptation, implementation, and/or validation of process assessment models for the eSourcing life-cycle
  • The design, adaptation, implementation, and/or validation of new strategic initiatives such as platform-based BPO (PaaS), enabling mass-customized, high-margin services
  • New pricing models in eSourcing such as value-based, outcome-based (e.g., price per software function point), pay per use, and risk/reward models
  • In depth investigation of eSourcing reference models, process assessment models, and enabling information systems in different industry verticals such as logistics, manufacturing, and health care
  • Innovation and supplier-relationship management to support innovative eSourcing engagements
  • Tools and technology to support eSourcing

Deadlines for Authors

  • Before June 15: Abstracts are encouraged. A one page abstract as an indication of interest is encouraged.
  • June 15: Submit full manuscripts for review as instructed. The review is double-blind; therefore, this initial submission must be without author names.
  • August 15: Acceptance/Rejection Notices to authors. It is very important that at least one author of each accepted paper register and attend the conference.
  • September 15: Submit final paper.
  • October 1: Early Registration fee deadline. At least one author of each paper should register by this date to secure publication in the Proceedings.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Timo Käkölä
[email protected]

Bill Hefley
[email protected]

Minitrack URL:

Conference URL:

About ITSqc
ITSqc, LLC, the spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University created to promote best practice models for the global IT-enabled services industry, was founded to extend the impact of the eSourcing Capability Models. The eSourcing Capability Models were originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University with participation from leading provider, client and advisory organizations. ITSqc, LLC, provides support for these Models, by training professionals about the Models, the eSCM-based methods for determining organizational capabilities, and related professional education programs. ITSqc, LLC, is working with strategic partners and Authorized Organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.