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ITSqc, LLC Director Takes Part in IAOP Webinar:
"C-S-R You Ready to Get Ahead of the Curve?"

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Bill Hefley
Director, ITSqc

Pittsburgh, PA, June 20, 2014 - Following up on the publication of The Outsourcing Professionals’ Guide to Corporate Responsibility by Van Haren Publishing, the complimentary webinar was led by IAOP CEO Debi Hamill. Featuring co-authors Bill Hefley, PhD, COP and Ron Babin, DBA, PhD, COP, the webinar was Friday June 20, at
11 AM EDT. You may download a copy of the Webinar slide deck pdf here. All of the questions presented by attendees were answered during the webinar by presenters and may be heard during the recorded version of the webinar.

The trio discussed the “Guide,” which examines corporate socially responsible policies and practices for
outsourcing, including identifying and showcasing policies that IAOP members have adopted, creating a framework
on which companies can model new CSR policies and develop a network of resources for IAOP members.

"This indispensible management tool for any company involved in outsourcing – whether customer, provider or advisor is the first and only global publication on CR and is truly one of a kind!" said Debi Hamill, CEO of the IAOP.

Access to the Webinar, the slide deck, and a sample of what's inside the "Guide," is available from the IAOP here. For details on the book, you can click on the cover photo below. 


CSR Guide Cover


About ITSqc
ITSqc, LLC, the spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University created to promote best practice models for the global IT-enabled services industry, was founded to extend the impact of the eSourcing Capability Models. The eSourcing Capability Models were originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University with participation from leading provider, client and advisory organizations. ITSqc, LLC, provides support for these Models, by training professionals about the Models, the eSCM-based methods for determining organizational capabilities, and related professional education programs. ITSqc, LLC, is working with strategic partners and Authorized Organizations to support global adoption of the eSourcing Capability Models.

About IAOP
IAOP® is the global, standard-setting organization and advocate for the outsourcing profession. With a global community of more than 110,000 members and affiliates worldwide, IAOP is the leading professional association for organizations and individuals involved in transforming the world of business through outsourcing, offshoring, and shared services.

85% of IAOP members credit IAOP for improved outsourcing outcomes at their organizations and 93% of IAOP’s COPs say that the designation has had a positive impact on their careers.

IAOP is supported by senior leaders around the world and their executives, managers and professionals who share the vision and expertise it takes to design, implement and manage their company’s global corporate ecosystem. For more information, see