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ITSqc provides certification in order to provide a credible, independent, and reliable way to determine compliance of an organization with an eSCM Model. Certification of service providers may be used by clients to evaluate potential service providers and by service providers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Such certification shows about quality, for example, about the provision of educational services, so by contacting, you will be confident in your work. Certification of client organizations may be used by clients to demonstrate their capability and associated risk profile to senior management and internal stakeholders. Client organizations also may use Certification to differentiate their organization for current or potential service providers who may need to assess the risk of doing business with a particular client. Certification can be used by clients to signal their excellence in performing sourcing activities, and by potential service providers in differentiating between various customers’ sourcing capabilities.

Evaluations for Certifications may take one of two forms: a Full Evaluation for Certification which examines the full eSCM Model, and a Mini Evaluation that examines eSCM Practices in specified Capability Areas or Capability Levels.

Evaluations for Certification must be performed by an ITSqc-Authorized Organization and led by an Authorized Lead Evaluator. Certification can only be awarded based on completion of a Full Evaluation for Certification performed by Lead Evaluators and Evaluators authorized by ITSqc.

The ITSqc Certification Board conducts a rigorous review of all Evaluation for Certification plans and results before certification occurs. Once the Certification Board has met and approved certification, a Certificate of Capability is issued. These Certificates last for at most two years.

Certificates may be withdrawn or suspended before they expire for a number of reasons. Major changes in the organization's ownership, staffing, or processes may trigger some form of confirmation by ITSqc to verify the organization's continued eSCM-CL compliance. This verification will normally take the form of a Mini Evaluation conducted by ITSqc.

The following table depicts a summary of eSCM-SP and eSCM-CL certification actions.

Certified Organizations
Current eSCM Certifications 2 SP 0 CL
Suspended eSCM Certifications 0 SP 0 CL
Expired eSCM Certifications 25 SP 0 CL
Withdrawn eSCM Certifications 0 SP 0 CL
Surveillance audits completed 1 SP 0 CL

Current eSCM Certifications are those certifications that are currently in force, having been granted by the ITSqc Certification Board.

Suspended eSCM Certifications are those certifications that have been temporarily suspended, pending a surveillance audit (or Mini Evaluation) of a certified organization. This surveillance audit (or Mini-evaluation) can occur in the event of changes significantly affecting the activity and operation of the certified organization (such as change of ownership, changes in personnel or equipment), or if analysis of a complaint or any other information indicates that the certified organizations no longer complies with the requirements of the eSCM Model.

Expired eSCM Certifications are those certifications whose certification validity dates have been reached. When approved by the ITSqc Certification Board, Certificates of Capability are issued by ITSqc for a period of two years. Certificates of Capability do not automatically extend or renew.

Withdrawn eSCM Certifications are those certifications which have been withdrawn, for cause, by the ITSqc Certification Board. Typically, certifications remain in effect for their entire period of validity, except as addressed by a change in status, complaint, or non-compliance and a resulting mini-evaluation which results in the withdrawal of the eSCM Certification by ITSqc.

Certification Process

Only a Full Evaluation for Certification or a Mini Evaluation for Certification can lead to ITSqc certification. These are third-party external evaluations of an organization's capability, based on evidence of the organization' s implementation of either the eSCM-SP (for service providers) or the eSCM-CL (for clients). They should be used when an organization wants a public record of its capabilities.

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eSCM Certified Organizations have undergone a thorough Capability Determination conducted by teams of ITSqc Authorized Evaluators and led by Authorized Lead Evaluators.

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