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Publications Archive: Comparing the eSCM-SP v2 and COPC 2000 CSP Gold Standard

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Bill Hefley, Elaine Hyder, Majid Iqbal, Mark Paulk, Subrata Guha
June 23, 2005
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The eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP), a best practices model, gives providers of IT-enabled services a reference model and capability determination methods that they can employ to develop and improve their capability to consistently deliver highquality services. The COPC-2000® CSP standards provide performance management frameworks for the providers of customer-centric service operations. The COPC-2000 CSP Gold Standard is intended for service providers with established capabilities and high levels of performance.

Both the eSCM-SP and the COPC-2000 CSP Gold Standard are developed for service providers, thus they both focus on similar issues. The primary focus of the eSCM-SP is capability improvement. It provides best practices that address the complete sourcing lifecycle. It also addresses critical issues related to IT-enabled sourcing (e.g., technology management, knowledge management, and service transfer).

The COPC-2000 CSP Gold Standard focuses on providing a performance management framework for customer-centric service operations. It provides specific guidance on setting organization direction and process management, and it recommends specific measures for different types of services. Since its primary focus is management, it does not address service design, deployment, or service transfer functions to the extent that the eSCM-SP does. On the other hand, the COPC-2000 CSP Gold Standard addresses measurement and performance management aspects in greater detail.

This report provides a brief discussion of how the two are conceptually related, and a detailed mapping between the Practices of the eSCM-SP and the COPC-2000 CSP Gold Standard requirements.
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