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A comparison of the OPS Standards in OPBOK to eSCM-SP

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Bill Hefley, Jeff Perdue

eSCM-CL Book Cover
This document presents the mapping between the 2014 Version 10 of the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge [OPBOK] and the eSCM-SP. It represents an update to the mapping contained in Appendix D: Relationship between the eSCM-SP and the OPBOK of the eSCM-SP book. This Appendix presents the mapping between the OPBOK Practices and related eSCM-SP Practices.

This appendix may be useful to Certified Outsourcing Professionals in client organizations who interact with service providers using the eSCM-SP, or by service providers implementing the eSCM-SP who find themselves interacting with client’s.

Since the focus of the OPBOK and eSCM-SP are on different sides of the sourcing relationship (i.e., client-focused and provider-focused), a relationship may involve doing similar kinds of activity (with differing focuses – marked in this mapping as S – or analogous work on each side of the relationship – marked in this mapping with a M for mirrored activities) or interdependent activities (where work flows between the client and service provider – marked as L or linked).

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