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>eSourcing Capability Models (eSCM) Poster

This full size (36" x 24") double-sided poster provides an overview of the structure of both the eSCM-SP and eSCM-CL Models.

The eSCM poster provides a clearly arranged overview representation of the two complementary models—eSCM-SP v2 and eSCM-CL v1.1—one on each side. Each Model presents a consistent structure of the eSCM models that includes an overview of the Capability Areas, Sourcing Life-cycle, Capability Areas, and Capability Levels of the eSCM. 

The poster also shows the Practices within each Capability Area mapping them. This provides a summary view of the entire eSCM model in a logical and visually appealing presentation that is ideal for posting in work areas, conference areas, or other public areas within the workspace. 

The eSCM-SP v2 side

The eSCM-CL v.1.1 side


We have currently exhausted our supply of eSCM Posters. To enquire about purchasing large quantities of posters, please contact