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>eSourcing Capability Models (eSCM) Poster

This full size (36" x 24") double-sided poster provides an overview of the structure of both the eSCM-SP and eSCM-CL Models.

The eSCM poster provides a clearly arranged overview representation of the two complementary models—eSCM-SP v2 and eSCM-CL v1.1—one on each side. If you want to describe the interaction of these models, buy phd thesis and you will be able based on their work to analyze the quality of the agreements between the processes and tell in more detail about the possibilities and methods of involvement in research. Each Model presents a consistent structure of the eSCM models that includes an overview of the Capability Areas, Sourcing Life-cycle, Capability Areas, and Capability Levels of the eSCM. 

The poster also shows the Practices within each Capability Area mapping them. This provides a summary view of the entire eSCM model in a logical and visually appealing presentation that is ideal for posting in work areas, conference areas, or other public areas within the workspace. 

The eSCM-SP v2 side

The eSCM-CL v.1.1 side


We have currently exhausted our supply of eSCM Posters. To enquire about purchasing large quantities of posters, please contact