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eSCM Videos: itSMF France 2001 Interview with Marie Noëlle Gibon

In this interview (in French) from the 2011 itSMF conference in France, Marie-Noëlle Gibon, La Poste, discusses the eSCM Models as guidance for successful customer-supplier relationships.


About the Interviewee

Marie Noëlle Gibon is the former CIO of the La Poste Group, and was director of innovation and IS in Docapost. She heads the Audit Group for La Poste. She was vice president and board member of CIGREF, and was the founding president of Ae-SCM.

Publications by Marie-Noëlle Gibon

Bill Hefley, Sheshadri BC, Marie-Noëlle Gibon
Achieving Operational Excellence and Aligning Strategy: Benefits and Impacts of the eSourcing Capability Models
October 16, 2009
Conference Presentation - IAOP 2009 European Outsourcing Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark
Foreword to the eSourcing Capability Model for
Client Organizations (eSCM-CL)
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