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eSCM Videos: eSourcing Partners

In the first of a series of videos eSCM Remue Méninge (épisode 1) (in French), eSourcing Partners introduces the eSCM models.

In the announcement of this series, eSourcing partners says:

Efficiency is a companion of fun in our world where collaboration is key to the teams. We are pleased to present Remue Méninges, the video channel showing sourcing practices from an unexpected perspective. Enjoy eSCM as you would not imagine!

Eric Baussand & Eric Herr, eSourcing partners

Also, if you like it, please push LIKE on youtube. Thanks!

About eSourcing Partners

eSourcing Partners is an ITSqc Authorized Organization. In addition to providing training and capability determination servicss, eSourcing Partners are the translators of the eSCM-CL into French.

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