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eSCM-CL Comparisons

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Many models and standards exist to improve the capability of companies in performing their routine business activities, including performing sourcing. Many of these resources available to client organizations are intended to aid them in quality and process improvement., or are provided as guidance or checklists for ensuring that good sourcing practices are implemented in a client organization.

The eSCM-CL was developed with this in mind. The Model can be easily adopted without abandoning prior process or quality improvement work. It fills the need for a model that specifically addresses clients of IT services or IT-enabled services while allowing overlap with existing quality initiatives. An overview of comparisons will be made available in an ITSqc technical report.

The eSCM-CL book contains mappings between the eSCM-CL and the eSCM-SP, and between the eSCM-CL and the IAOP's OPBOK. A link to the OPBOK mapping is on the right.

The ITSqc is considering developing a technical report series that provides detailed comparisons between the eSCM-CL and other frameworks. The frameworks being considered for this report series include:

  • eSCM-SP V2
  • BS 11000
  • ISO 20000 (ISO 20000-1)
  • CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ)
  • ITIL V3
  • Val IT™
  • Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) IT Examination Handbook: Outsourcing Technology Services (US)
  • US Comptroller of the Currency (OCC Bulletin 2002-16: Bank Use of Foreign-Based Third-Party Service Providers and OCC Bulletin 2001-47: Third-Party Relationships)
  • Financial Services Authority Handbook (UK)
  • Financial Regulatory Documents (FDIC, FFIEC, OCC, FSA, AU Prudential Stds.)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • General Accounting Office (US)
  • Standards Australia (AU) HB 240:2000
  • COPC-2000 VMO Standard
  • People CMM

The comparisons show clearly the value-added differences of the eSCM-CL and the complementary relationships it has to other quality models.

ITSqc Series

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The eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations (eSCM-CL) is published globally as a part of the ITSqc Series, in association with IAOP. The ITSqc Series is edited by Dr. Bill Hefley and published by Van Haren Publishing.

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Relationship between the eSCM-CL and the OPBOK

The eSCM-CL book provides a mapping between the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge [IAOP 2008] and the eSCM-CL

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