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eSCM-CL Model Course

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Course Description
The eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations (eSCM-CL) is a "best practices" capability model with two purposes: (1) to give client organizations guidance that will help them improve their capability across the sourcing life-cycle, and (2) to provide client organizations with an objective means of evaluating their sourcing capability. If you need help with the analysis of sources and their objective assessment, you can turn to essays writers.

The eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations course introduces participants to the concepts, terminology, and structure of the Model and the interrelationships of the Model components. Participants will gain an understanding of the value of the Model for clients and service providers, learn about the eSCM-CL's practices for sourcing, identify major characteristics of client organizations at different capability levels, gain an introductory understanding of how the Capability Determination Process is carried out, and be given ideas for introducing eSCM-CL in their organizations. Participants who have successfully completed the course will receive a certificate of completion.
As part of the course, participants will receive the Model, "eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations," the course notebook and supplemental readings.
  • What is IT-enabled Sourcing?
  • Benefits and Risks
  • Success and Failures in Sourcing
  • Need for and Development of the Model
  • Model Structure
  • Practice Descriptions
  • Support Practices
  • Capability Areas
  • Capability Levels
  • Using the Model
  • The Capability Determination Process
  • Introducing the eSCM-CL into Organizations
There are eight overall learning objectives for this course:
  • Be able to define IT-enabled sourcing and the reasons for success or failure
  • Be able to describe the value of the Model to client organizations and service providers.
  • Understand the structure of the eSCM-CL and the interrelationship of its components.
  • Become familiar with practices in each Capability Area.
  • Learn about the characteristics for each of the 5 Capability Levels.
  • Understand how the Model can be used by clients, service providers, and quality consultants.
  • Gain a high level understanding of the eSCM Capability Determination Process.
  • Develop an initial concept of how to introduce the eSCM-CL into your organization.
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior managers responsible for making strategic sourcing decisions for their organization
  • Sourcing professionals who are involved in sourcing strategies, sourcing management, or oversight of sourced IT-enabled services
  • Client Organization members who are interested in quality improvement or planning improvement programs related to sourcing
  • Client Organization members who will be participating in an eSCM capability determination or self-appraisal
  • Quality consultants and evaluators who want to learn about a new quality model
  • Quality consultants who want to become authorized as part of an eSCM Capability Determination Team


  • Bachelor's of Arts or Sciences from an accredited institution of higher education

Course Registration

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Professional Certification

This eSCM-CL Model course earns 25 Points towards COP certification or 15 CEHs towards COP recertification.

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