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eSCM Capability Determination Methods Course

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US $2500.00
Course Description
The Capability Determination Methods Course prepares participants to serve as Authorized Evaluators for Capability Evaluations or Self-appraisals. All steps of the Capability Determination process are covered in this intensive three-day course, with an emphasis on hands-on exercises and role-playing, which is a complex of different teaching methods, so the assimilation of information is easy and without overload. However, if you feel that the submitted material is difficult, you can contact the curators or the top writing service and set the criteria you need to work. Successful completion of this course is the prerequisite to being authorized by ITSqc to serve as an Evaluator for eSCM Capability Determinations. Successful completion of this course is also a prerequisite to taking the Lead Evaluator Course.
Participants will receive a course notebook, an eSCM Team Member guide and supplemental readings.
  • eSCM Capability Determination Overview
  • Planning the Capability Determination
  • Creating the Capability Determination Team
  • Capability Determination Walkthrough
  • Document Review
  • Administer and Analyze Questionnaires
  • Review Documents
  • Develop Interview Scripts
  • Conduct Interviews and Take Notes
  • Review Implementation
  • Consolidate and Rate Practice Satisfaction
  • Prepare and Present Preliminary Findings
  • Prepare and Deliver Final Report
  • Applying eSCM in Different Contexts
By the end of this course, participants will:
  1. Be thoroughly grounded in the eSCM Capability Determination Methodology
  2. Be prepared to assume needed roles in the eSCM Capability Determination Team
  3. Understand the applicability of the eSCM Methods to differing services and market sectors
  4. Be introduced to the requirements for becoming an eSCM Authorized Evaluator and Authorized Lead Evaluator
8:30 to 5:30 each day

Who Should Attend

  • Service Providers or Client professionals who expect to participate in or be responsible for implementing a Capability Determination effort.
  • Quality consultants who plan to become authorized as an Evaluator or Lead
  • Evaluator for eSCM Capability Determinations.
  • Quality consultants who plan to assist organizations preparing for an eSCM Determination Team.


  • Certificate of successful completion of either the eSCM for Service Providers or eSCM for Client Organizations Course.

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