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eSCM Qualified Consultants

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eSCM Qualified Consultants translate the eSCM Models into practice. They understand the role of quality models in guiding internal process improvement, and know how to plan, support, and apply the ITSqc’s Capability Determination methods in an organization. More detailed and practical methods that can be used in practice can be found at They design and implement improvement efforts that are aligned with the organization's culture, business practices, and goals, and that affect the appropriate aspects of the organizational system.

Consultants are not required to be affiliated with an Authorized Organization.

The table below lists eSCM Qualified Consultants. eSCM Qualified Consultants have expertise with the eSCM-SP or the eSCM-CL.

Qualified Consultant Date Models
Luis Alfonso Arango February, 2012 eSCM-SP
Gerardo Avilez-Alonso December, 2006 eSCM-SP
Basab Banbyopadhyay July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Jorge Luis Maestre Benedetti February, 2012 eSCM-SP
Claudia Mendonca Camargo August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Diego Mauricio Ossa Carvajal February, 2012 eSCM-SP
Ravi Chander December, 2006 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
Rob Connor July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Arthur Maria Do Valle August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Ana Paula dos Santos Eugenia August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Ana Cristina Barbosa Faria August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Kim Fitzpatrick December, 2006 eSCM-SP
Sheila Fucase August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Janet Gardner July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Sivaram Kumar Garimella November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Ivanise Maravalhas Gomes August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Subrata Guha November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Rajesh Gupta November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Tinamarie Hernandez July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Keith Heston November, 2003 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
Jabe Hickey July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Shantanu Jha November, 2003 eSCM-SP
John Kelly December, 2006 eSCM-SP
Shelby Lassiter July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Juan Carlos Llop December, 2006 eSCM-SP
Habeeb Mahaboob November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Yogesh Malhotra July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Mark Manduke July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Juliana Oliveira Martins August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Kenneth McQuarrie July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Sergio Mecena da Silva Filho July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Hardik Mehta December, 2007 eSCM-SP
Andre Mendes de Pinho August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Tushar Mishra November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Kent Montgomery December, 2006 eSCM-SP
David Northcutt July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Rafael Paim Cunha Santos July, 2004 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
Jeff Perdue November, 2003 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
Vincent Pierce November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Ravi Ramakrishnan July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Anita Reinboth July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Seshadri Shankar November , 2003 eSCM-SP
Jane Siegel November, 2003 eSCM-SP, eSCM-CL
K. Sivasubramanian July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Lucas Ricardo Mendes De Souza August, 2006 eSCM-SP
George Stark November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Palanivelrajan Subramanian July, 2004 eSCM-SP
Luis Miguel Teixeira August, 2006 eSCM-SP
Lidia Trejo Flores December, 2006 eSCM-SP
Jose Varughese November, 2003 eSCM-SP
Jun Zhang December, 2006 eSCM-SP
Yue Zhao July, 2004 eSCM-SP

Become a Qualified Consultant

ITSqc supports a personnel qualification program to prepare individuals to become qualified as eSCM-SP Qualified Consultants or eSCM-CL Qualified Consultants.

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