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Authorized Evaluators

Authorized Evaluators and Authorized Lead Evaluators participate in eSCM Evaluations for Certification, Evaluations, and Self-Appraisals. They also participate in the advancement of the Capability Determination process, and contribute to ITSqc's understanding of the state of the practice. With this, they are helped by their own experience and the experience of colleagues, rely on and evaluate based on this.

Authorized Lead Evaluators can serve as members of Capability Determination teams and as team leaders. They lead Capability Determinations on behalf of Authorized Organizations or within their own organizations. Lead Evaluators have access to all the necessary Capability Determination materials, such as questionnaires and tools.

Authorized Organizations
Authorized Organization Lead Evaluator Candidate
eSourcing partners       1 4
GCC - Global Colombia Certificación 2   6   2
Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc. 3 2 9
MSV IT Solutions Private Ltd
Rvalue Consulting 3
DQS Inc. 4 4
Internal Use Authorized Organization SP CL SP CL
Accenture 1 1 3 26
HP 2 13 10
Lloyds Banking Group 4 2

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Only Authorized Organizations may offer eSCM Capability Determination and training services.

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Authorized Organizations around the globe provide eSCM Capability Determination and training services.

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