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Using the eSCM Models

There are 2 basic uses of the eSCM's, implementation and appraisal. However, it is worth knowing about each one separately, our team uses both methods, when it feels that it cannot cope with a part, with the words write my discussion post for me it turns to colleagues. A formal method of determining which parts of the model are implemented (and are not implemented) by an organization is the appraisal usage. The eSCM appraisal method is called the eSCM Capability Determination Method. The Method is the same for both models. It includes the completion of questionnaires, the review of documentation, conducting interviews with site personnel, and the compilation and reporting of the results.

Capability Determinations are conducted by ITSqc trained and authorized teams of Authorized Evaluators.

The other use of the eSCM's is as a guide to sourcing related process improvement implementation. The eSCM's are partial requirements specifications for a process. They are not directly implementable processes. The general approach followed when using the eSCM models for improvement purposes is to first determine the gaps between the organization's current processes and the applicable model's Practices. Then build a plan for process implementation and then manage the implementation steps described in the plan to completion. Then repeat the process (gap analysis, plan, implement). ITSqc trains Qualified Consultants to assist organizations with their eSCM-SP or eSCM-CL implementations.

Capability Determinations

Determining a service provider's or client's capability is possible using the eSCM Models.

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Find an Authorized Evaluator

eSCM Capability Determinations are conducted by teams of ITSqc Authorized Evaluators and led by Authorized Lead Evaluators.

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Find a Qualified Consultant

eSCM Qualified Consultants translate the eSCM Models into practice. They understand the role of quality models in guiding internal process improvement, and know how to plan, support, and apply the eSCM Capability Determination methods in an organization.

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